[VIDEO] Sen. Cruz: Young people should tell government not to ‘mess with the Internet’

The future of the Internet is in the hands of young people, conservative firebrand Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told Campus Reform on Tuesday.

Cruz was responding to a question about a pending Internet tax bill that would enable state governments to more easily collect sales taxes from online retailers.

”The way this bill will be stopped will be through social media, will be through young people saying, ‘don’t mess with the Internet,’” Cruz said.

WATCH: Senator Ted Cruz says government should not ‘mess with the internet’

The senator from Texas went on to assail the slick marketing campaign behind the bill, which is called the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 penned by Republican Senator Michael Enzi.

”Washington loves to label things, you know, the Fairness and Hope and Happiness Bill, the Fuzzy Bunny Rabbit Bill,” he said. “The great thing, particularly about young people who can go online is you don’t just have to read the title of the bill, you can go find out what’s in it.”

”I think young people look to substance, and are not fooled by Madison Avenue labeling,” he said.

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