VIDEO: Students admit problems with post office...still support mail-in voting

Campus Reform spoke with students about mail-in voting ahead of the presidential election.

“There will always be risk of fraud but to me what matters is safety," one student said.

Most students said they supported the Democrat Party’s attempts to implement universal mail-in voting, despite also admitting errors they’ve experienced with the U.S. Postal Service.

With the ongoing debate about universal mail-in voting ahead of the upcoming presidential election, Campus Reform asked students about the United States Postal Service and whether Americans can trust it to deliver ballots.

Most students shared stories of their own customer service issues with USPS but said they still trusted it to deliver mail-in ballots.

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“I would trust [USPS] just because I think people are lazy,” one student said.

“I am very sure USPS can handle it,” another student added. “There will always be risk of fraud but to me what matters is safety.”

Campus Reform then pressed students by asking them why they trust USPS to properly deliver votes, but not mail and packages.

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“I think if they think the vote’s important enough and they really care about this election that they’ll do whatever’s possible to make sure it’s as fair as possible,” one student said.

“I’m a very optimistic person,” another added.

“I have faith because they deal with millions of packages and mails,” another student argued.

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