VIDEO: Students afraid to express support for border wall

Several students admitted off-camera that they actually support the idea of a wall, but would not say so publicly for fear of being ostracized by their classmates.

Congress remains deadlocked on the immigration issue, particularly with regard to a border wall, but students at Trinity University made clear that they favor "open borders" in lieu of President Trump's proposed barrier.

This year, much of the gridlock in Washington has centered around the inability of Congress to reach an agreement on immigration reform—particularly the idea of building a wall along the southern border.

Wanting to find out if college students would be as divided on the issue, Campus Reform headed to Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, to ask a simple question: What would you like to see on the border?

Immediately, it was clear the vast majority of students at Trinity were no fans of Trump’s proposal for a border wall.

While a few admitted off-camera that they like the idea of a wall, they refused to offer support for it on the record, citing fears that others on campus would ostracize them.

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So what exactly would opponents of the wall like to see instead?

While some simply advocated for increased security, others immediately turned to “open borders” as the solution.

Claiming it would lead to “more mixing of cultures” and even the playing field for disadvantaged people in other countries, multiple students vehemently offered their support for the concept.

Watch them defend their ideas in the full video:

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