VIDEO: Students can't answer basic questions about the Holocaust

Campus Reform recently asked students basic questions about the Holocaust.

A recent survey found that the GenZ and Millennial generation had a shockingly low level of knowledge about the Holocaust.

A recent survey found that sixty-three percent of young adults (18-39) did not know that 6 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust and over 1 in 10 respondents had never heard the word “Holocaust” before. 

Campus Reform asked students basic questions such as “who was responsible for the Holocaust?” and “how many people were murdered?” 

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“I honestly don’t know,” one student said when Campus Reform asked how many people were murdered in the Holocaust. 

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“I’m just honestly frustrated because you know it’s just like a basic thing you should know, ‘cause it was a genocide” added another student who was responding to the recent survey that found young adults were unaware of the Holocaust. 

Students overwhelmingly agreed that the Holocaust should be taught in schools and most of them remember learning about it at some point.

“I wouldn’t be surprised because there are many people who still think it is a hoax,” said one student when told that 90 percent of survey respondents said they believed that the Holocaust happened, seven percent were not sure, and 3 percent denied that it happened. 

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