VIDEO: Students love Trump's second term agenda...when they think it's Biden's

Campus Reform asked students if they agree with some of the items on Trump's second term agenda.

Students mostly agreed with the agenda without knowing at first that it's actually Trump's agenda.

The Trump campaign recently released its agenda for a second term, building off the administration’s first-term accomplishments. Campus Reform asked students about some of the initiatives listed on the agenda, without telling them they were part of Trump’s agenda.

Instead, students were told the agenda was Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s.

The students seemed to like the ideas listed, which included stopping endless wars and bringing our troops home, wiping out global terrorists who threaten to harm Americans and dismantling human trafficking networks. 

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“The fight on terrorism has always been important, especially in America. So getting rid of stuff that can harm American lives is perfect,” one student said after hearing that “Biden” wanted to wipe out global terrorists.

“I think that’s a great initiative. Um, really important, because obviously, human trafficking, especially in South Florida which is where I’m from, is a huge issue. So from what it sounds like, it sounds like a great idea,” another student said in response to hearing about dismantling human trafficking networks. 

Some of the students said that these ideas had an influence on whether or not they would vote for Biden in November. 

“I mean, I still haven’t decided yet, but these things all sound great and they’re definitely making me lean more towards Biden,” one student said.

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Campus Reform then mentioned that this was Trump’s agenda, not Biden’s.

“It surprised me a little bit because I don’t have the highest opinion of the president at the time, but I think that’s great,” one student said in response to learning that the Trump administration allocated more than $400 million to dismantle human trafficking networks. 

“I think everyone, including myself, could be a little bit more looking at the policies of the President rather than their character” another student replied. 

“In this time, not a lot of the good he does is heard. It does help knowing that he is doing these things,” one student said. 

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