[VIDEO] Students praise Obama climate change speech, lash out at Republicans and Big Oil

Students on Wednesday praised President Obama for offering remedies for climate change at Georgetown University and lambasted Republicans for inaction on the issue.

“I thought it was profound,” said one student. “It was positive, it was good. It was hopeful, and it spoke out to my generation and the generations ahead.”

Another student alleged that “Republicans and oil companies” are “making profits destroying the earth.”

WATCH: Students lash out at Republicans and oil companies 

Though some students said they wished Obama had done more to solve global climate change during his first term, most agreed the inaction was not his fault.

“I really think that the way Congress is and the way it’s divided, especially after 2010 with the shift making it more Republican, there was a lot more fighting and there wasn’t much he could do about that,” one said.

“I think that he has had a very difficult presidency, and he has also inherited issues with the war in Iraq,” another added.

One student said President Obama’s biggest mistake during his presidency thus far was not highlighting his own accomplishments.

“I think he has done a lot, he has just not talked about it. And today he kind of said, this is what has been accomplished, these are the things that have been done based on policies that I have implemented and things that I have suggested and I was really proud of him for actually saying ‘You know what? No, we’re going to talk about the things that I have accomplished.’” 

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