VIDEO: Students say Biden is wrong to support another shutdown

“I kind of need it to stay open cause I have to work," one student said.

Campus Reform recently asked students if they would support another nationwide coronavirus shutdown, and if they would support a candidate for president who would support one.

Most students disagreed with the idea of a shutdown, citing employment and economic concerns.

After Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden recently said he would institute another nationwide coronavirus shutdown if that’s what the public health experts recommended, Campus Reform asked students about the idea and, without naming Biden, asked if they would support a presidential candidate who would implement another shutdown.

Biden recently told ABC News during an exclusive interview that if he is elected president and a second coronavirus wave hits the country, and if scientists recommended shutting down the country yet again, “I would shut it down.”

However, most students said they do not want another shutdown. 

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“If you shut down, obviously it affects people’s jobs, people’s livelihoods in terms of how they make their money and how they make income,” one student said.

“I don’t really support [another shutdown] cause I feel like we’re slowly making progress towards it and it was so hard on a lot of people, who you said, lost their jobs--students especially--when things were completely shut down,” another student added.

Campus Reform then mentioned that this was Biden’s proposal, and asked students to react.

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“A little surprised yeah, that is kind of shocking,” one student said upon learning this was Biden’s proposal.

“I’ve lost my grandmother to coronavirus, but people still have to keep their jobs,” one student said in his argument against another shutdown.

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