VIDEO: Students say border wall is racist

The students we spoke to at George Washington University overwhelmingly opposed a border wall.

Students are doubling down on support for sanctuary campuses, arguing that universities should be safe spaces from Trump’s “racist” plans to secure the border.

Campus Reform interviewed George Washington University students and found that they overwhelmingly opposed the idea of a border wall, arguing that as many immigrants as possible should be let into both the country and their university.

“For someone like Trump, who is a demagogue, to come and sit in the highest office of the land and tell people he’s going to deport people just because he can, or that they might be some sort of threat, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous,” one student ranted.

“I have no problem with any amount [sic] of undocumented students at this university,” another student declared when asked if she supported having more illegal immigrant students on campus. “I believe they should be 100 percent welcome, however many decide to come.”

“More undocumented people? Absolutely, bring em in,” a classmate remarked even more succinctly.

Other students opined about what they consider the racist connotations of a border wall, arguing that Trump’s initiative stems from prejudice, not a desire for security.

When asked if the wall is racist, one student nonchalantly remarked, “Well, yeah,” asking, “Why don’t we have a wall across the border with Canada?”

“It’s disgusting,” said another.

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