VIDEO: Students say Obama, not Trump, to thank for good economy

Campus Reform asked students which president deserves credit for the current state of the economy.

Most students gave credit to Obama, arguing that Trump’s successes come from prior efforts from the Obama administration.

In light of President Donald Trump’s recent tweet blasting former President Barack Obama for trying to take credit for the economy, Campus Reform’s Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret went to George Washington University to ask students to weigh in. 

“Who do you think deserves credit for the good economy we have right now, Obama or Trump,” Neret asked. 

Most students responded by giving credit to Obama. 


“I want to say Obama because like, that’s where my heart goes,” one student said. 

“President Obama just being that he got us out of the trenches from where we were,” one student said referencing the Great Recession. 

“Cause I feel like when Trump came into office the economy was already booming,” another student added. 

Neret also asked students if Trump deserves any credit at all. Some claimed Trump was working to benefit the “upper class.” 

“The income tax thing [that] was passed...that mainly benefitted the upper class,” one student claimed. 

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“I honestly feel like Trump really hasn’t done much for the economy to like rave about.”

Neret then pointed out that 80% of Americans received a tax cut under the plan. He also cited low unemployment and a study that shows 62% of Americans give Trump credit for the economy.

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“I’d be glad to give Trump the credit, but like it’s hard to separate that from what he’s done as far as his tweets and the things he’s done to people,” one student argued. 

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