VIDEO: Students say successful women should be celebrated...except when it comes to Amy Coney Barrett

After all of the students agreed with this statement, they were then asked if they celebrated recent Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett.

Campus Reform recently asked students if women should be celebrated by feminists for reaching the top of male-dominated fields.

"But Trump nominated her..."

Recent Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has received a number of attacks from critics who say she is unfit to serve as a Supreme Court Justice and be a mother of seven kids at the same time. Some feminists have been slow to congratulate Barrett on her accomplishment of being nominated to one of the highest seats in all of the government.

Campus Reform asked students at the University of Florida if they celebrated women who have made significant accomplishments, such as reaching the top of male-dominated fields. All of the students said they would celebrate such an achievement.


”I definitely say yes, because we have to work harder to get into [male-dominated fields],” one student said. 

”Of course, it’s such a huge accomplishment,” another added. “I mean just being a woman ourselves, we know the obstacles and things we have to jump over.” 

Students were then questioned as to whether or not they celebrated Amy Coney Barrett. Some were hesitant to answer the question.

”She should be proud of where she’s gotten, but personally I’m not a fan of her,” one student said. 

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”But Trump nominated her?” one student asked when read a list of Barrett’s accomplishments. “So that’s more of like a cover-up.” 

Another student, who didn’t even know who Barrett was, said he did not support her after finding out she is Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee. 

”I do not support her views and how she feels about abortion,” he said. 

Other students admitted that they were still celebrating her nomination, despite their disagreement with her beliefs.

”She should be celebrated regardless of her political views,” one student said. “I mean, she’s an amazing woman. She was top of her class, had seven kids, and still, no matter her challenges, got all the way to the top.” 

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