VIDEO: Students say Trump's second term will be worse for America

With the election fast approaching, Campus Reform asked students at Virginia Tech what they think four more years under Trump would look like.

Students overwhelmingly said that things will get worse if Trump is re-elected.

As November nears, students across the country have been very vocal about which candidate they prefer to see in office for the next four years.

Campus Reform went to Virginia Tech to ask students what they think four more years of President Donald Trump would look like. 

Campus Reform asked students how they think Trump will react if he loses the race to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. 

“If he gets re-elected, I think things will get worse,” one student articulated, adding that he thinks, “Biden’s got to win this one.”

“I don’t think the last four years have proven very good for us; I’m not very optimistic for the next for years,” another student said. 

One student said Trump would push “more conspiracy theories” if he is re-elected. 

“Tensions will be heightened, like, it won’t get better. It just won’t get better,” another student concurred, worrying that Trump would push “more conspiracy theories” and that “it’s just going to be a mess.” 

Many students began objecting to Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, concerned that it would be prolonged under a second term.

“He hasn’t really handled, like, the COVID stuff as well he should,” one student expressed. 

Another student also felt that “he probably could have handled the pandemic a little better,” before saying he didn’t “really know what the next four years will look like” should Trump secure re-election.

When asked how they think Trump would handle losing the election, students uniformly felt that he would not accept the outcome.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of comments about fake news, about infiltrations of panels that shouldn’t have happened, possibly collusion with other foreign governments,” responded one student.

“If Biden does get elected, I think President Trump’s definitely going to make a huge fiasco out of it”, another student said, predicting that there would be “some last-ditch efforts to try to stay in office.” 

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