VIDEO: Students say it would be ‘weak’ for Biden to skip debates with Trump

Most students said Biden should debate Trump, and that skipping the debates would be “weak.”

Campus Reform recently asked students if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should debate Donald Trump

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently said Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should not debate President Donald Trump, Campus Reform asked students to weigh in.

Most students disagreed with Pelosi and said Biden should debate Trump. They cited the importance the debates play in the democratic process and said it would be “weak” for Biden to skip the debates.

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“No I don’t think [Biden should skip the debates] because it’s part of our democracy, free speech” one student said. “We should be able to hear both sides of the party.”

“I think that Biden should debate Trump,” another added. “I think that he’s going to struggle debating President Trump, and I think that they’re afraid that that’s going to make him weaker and not look good to the rest of the public.”

A different student agreed, saying if Biden didn’t debate Trump people would see Biden as “weak.”

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However, students were split on who would win the debates.

“Hard to say a winner with Trump because, you know, he just makes stuff up,” one student argued.

“I do believe that Trump would win the debates,” another student said. “I feel like Biden would struggle, and Biden, from what I’ve seen so far, doesn’t bring too many facts and tries more of an emotional argument. And I think that along with that and him being able to slur his words and not being able to put together sentences, I don’t think he’ll win the debate.”

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