VIDEO: Students sign petition to create 'National Fidel Castro Day'

Given strong student support for Sanders, Campus Reform went undercover at the University of Maryland to ask students if they supported creating a "National Fidel Castro Day."

Bernie Sanders recently made remarks defending Fidel Castro’s Cuba.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, in Sunday night’s Democratic primary debate, defended his history of praising dictators around the world. 

”I think we condemn authoritarianism whether it’s in China, Russia, Cuba, any place else, but to simply say that nothing ever done by any of those administrations had a positive impact on their people would I think be incorrect,” Sanders said Sunday night. 

Given Sanders’ remarks defending Fidel Castro, Cuba, and the country’s literacy programs, Campus Reform went undercover to see how far students would go in their support for Castro. 

Campus Reform Correspondents Addison Smith and Jessica Custodio created a petition calling for a “National Fidel Castro Day,” and asked students if they’d be willing to sign it. 

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Smith and Custodio cited Castro’s “literacy programs” and “education reforms,” and referred to him as a religious scholar in their pitch to students. 

Many were quick to sign the petition. 

“I’m down,” one student said when asked if he would be willing to sign the petition. 

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“Sure,” several other students said in response. 

“That’s fucking sick bro, I’ll sign any day,” a different student said excitedly. 

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