VIDEO: Students sign petition urging Obama to support ISIS

MRC shot the video on 9/11.

UPDATE, 9/16: Media Research Center has made the video private on its YouTube channel and it is currently unviewable.

"Concerns were raised by some that the video could be edited and used as a propaganda tool by ISIS, or others who seek to harm American military personnel," Dan Joseph said on his Facebook page.

Joseph says MRC did not make the video private because of complaints from the students who were featured in the video or the faculty of GMU.

The Media Research Center’s (MRC) Dan Joseph visited George Mason University (GMU) in Washington DC, to see if he could get college students to sign a petition urging President Obama to support the Islamic State, the terrorist group more commonly known as ISIS.

“Obviously ISIS is one of the most awful terrorist groups ever to walk the face of the earth,” Joseph says in the introduction of the video. “[B]ut you see, I’m not so sure that Americans really know what ISIS is.”

During the video, Joseph wrangles students to sign the petition, which he says “pledges their support of ISIS and tells President Obama not to bomb them, but to help them.”

“They’re just like us only with slightly more beheadings,” Joseph tells one student.

“Oh, they’re the ones that kept [sic] beheading,” responds the student as he nonchalantly signs the petition.

WATCH: Students to offer their support for ISIS.

“Have you seen the Steven guy, the journalist? He was actually an Israeli part of the Mossad” one student says as she signs the petition.”

The student appears to have been referencing Steven Sotloff, the journalist who was beheaded by ISIS. Mossad is Israel’s national intelligence agency.

“Every religion has their moments. I mean come on, don’t even get me started where the Christians used to, uh, what they did to the non-believers once upon a time,” she continues later in the video.

Late in the video, several students condemn the signatories.

“You would think that people would understand what is going on around the world instead of going to a [expletive] ballot box and casting their vote,” says one student.

“How can you stand out here and do that when they beheaded two Americans on live TV, that’s [expletive] disgraceful,” yells another. “You are [expletive] you should be ashamed to call yourself a [sic] even live in this country.”

The MRC crew was on GMU’s campus for roughly an hour on September 11, and obtained “twelve or thirteen” signatures.

Joseph signs off by mockingly offering ISIS his analysis.

“So ISIS if you are out there watching this, you have some support here on America’s college campuses,” he says.

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