VIDEO: Students support student loan debt forgiveness...but don’t want to help pay for it

Campus Reform’s Eduardo Neret recently asked students if they supported plans to wipe out student loan debt.

After hearing yes from most students, Neret then asked if they would be willing to increase tuition to pay for the debt forgiveness.

Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret recently went to the University of Tampa in Florida to ask students about student loan debt.

Neret first asked students whether they personally had any student loan debt and whether they supported student loan debt forgiveness. Most students said they support the idea of “wiping out” student loan debt, as many 2020 Democrat presidential candidates have proposed doing.

“We need to get an education,” one student said as justification for debt forgiveness.

Neret asked students, particularly ones who said they had no debt, whether they would support increased tuition to pay for their peers’ debt.

“If I make my money, I kind of want to keep my money,” one student said against the idea.

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“I don’t think [a plan to forgive student loans] should inconvenience anybody,” another student said.

Another student said she did not support paying more personally to get rid of loan debt and added that she didn’t “want to be broke.”

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