[VIDEO] U. Penn student: Conservatives are ‘white men who are super rich and who don’t give a f**k about immigrants'

“They come from a white supremacist point of view,” a student from University of Pennsylvania told Campus Reform on Wednesday, speaking of conservatives.

The student, who was a part of National Asian and Pacific Islander Day of Action for Immigration, spoke with Campus Reform near the Capitol in Washington, DC, on Wednesday.

“The GOP is like, majority white people, all white men who are super rich and who don’t give a f**k about immigrants,” he continued.  

The student added that no one should use the phrase “illegal immigrant,” and that if they do, they should realize that the “first white people from Europe,” as in the founders, also fall under this definition.

The student also alleged that Republican attempts to offer solutions for immigration reform were was in fact a thin cover for their racism.

“Now, they are actually forced to play some kind of game to show they are actually not racist and they are trying to do some kind of immigration reform, so I guess it’s just some way for them just to cover all the s**t that they have done in the past,” he said.

WATCH: Student alleges Republicans hold ‘white supremacist point of view’ 

Another student, from the University of Hawaii, told Campus Reform that immigration reform has stalled because of massive amounts money corporations make from the deportation process.

“So when they started deporting a few decades ago, a lot of corporations began making millions, billions of dollars from each person that was detained, and it just became really lucrative” she said. “And those are the people that really lobby for immigration, like strict immigration enforcement.”

WATCH: Student claims corporations make ‘billions of dollars’ for each person deported

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