VIDEO: UBuffalo protesters call Riley Gaines a ‘SORE LOSER,’ the police ‘pigs,’ and the U.S. ‘1936 Germany’

During Riley Gaines’ Apr. 13 appearance at the University at Buffalo, protesters mocked Gaines and law enforcement and invoked Nazi Germany to describe the treatment of the trans community.

'While they claim to be tolerant and loving and welcoming to all, that was not what I perceived based on their profane signs and chants,' said Gaines.

During Riley Gaines’ Apr. 13 appearance at the State University of New York at Buffalo, student protesters held signs and led chants that mocked Gaines, criticized law enforcement, and invoked Nazi Germany to describe the present treatment of the transgender community. 

Video  obtained by Campus Reform show protesters holding signs that say, “F**K TPUSA” and “SORE LOSER.” The school’s TPUSA chapter hosted Gaines as part of her “Save Women’s Sports” speaking tour. 

The event’s sponsor, the Leadership Institute (LI), is the parent organization of Campus Reform

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Gaines told Campus Reform that “[i]t was also brought to [her] attention that most of these protesters weren’t even students.” Though a previous report says that a Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) chapter likely organized the protest, Campus Reform did not confirm its participants at the time of publication. 

While they claim to be tolerant and loving and welcoming to all, that was not what I perceived based on their profane signs and chants. Many of them had signs that equated their experience as a trans-identifying individual to the genocide of Jews during the [H]olocaust,” Gaines continues. 

This just shows how out-of-touch with reality many of these protestors really are.”

As audience members file into the venue to watch Gaines, the videos depict students lining the sidewalk across the street, chanting, “Trans rights are human rights!” Another speaker takes to the megaphone and leads protesters in “Queer liberation, not assimilation.” 

A protester in a tie-dye shirt and mask flips off the videographer and asks, “Do you want to f**k later?” 

In another clip, protesters surround a speaker who says that it is “traumatizing” when transgender athletes cannot compete according to their gender identity. 

“That is isolating, that is dehumanizing,” she continues. 

Protesters also turned their attention to law enforcement. They first chant, “No justice, no peace, no fascists in our streets.” After a member of University Police (UP) rides by the crowd on his bicycle, the crowd echoes the speaker holding the megaphone, who yells, “Who keeps us safe? We keep us safe!” 

A different speaker claims that there are more protesters than supporters of Gaines. “That’s why they had to bring the pigs out here to protect them,” he continues. “They don’t have enough people on their side to stand up for themselves. When you turn the masses against the oppressor, the masses always win.” 

After the attack on Gaines at San Francisco State University (SFSU), Gaines and advocacy groups expressed concerns over her safety and the unwillingness of students to engage with her ideas. 

Accuracy in Media (AIM), which “expose[s] media bias, corruption, and public policy failings,” launched a billboard campaign that calls on college campuses to “[s]how SFSU what inclusivity really looks like.”

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AIM President Adam Guillette told Campus Reform that “[r]adical leftist students are using fascist tactics to bully anyone who dares to disagree with them.”

“If these universities won’t hold them accountable for their reprehensible behavior, Accuracy in Media will,” he continues. “Ultimately, we aim to restore civility on college campuses.”

Campus Reform contacted all relevant parties listed for comment and will update this article accordingly.