VIDEO: US students bash America while Hong Kong protesters fly its flag

Amid massive protests in Hong Kong calling for independence from communist China, protesters have been flying American flags to represent the virtues of freedom and democracy.

However, as previously reported by Campus Reform, American students and universities have expressed opposition to the stars and stripes, calling it an “offensive” symbol. Students have also protested the Pledge of Allegiance through various boycotts; one Minnesota town even banned it. Colorado State University even linked to an inclusive language guide that warned against the use of the words “America” and “American.”

Campus Reform Correspondent Ethan Cai, whose parents fled communist China, took to Georgetown University to ask students why they think Hong Kong views the American flag as a symbol of freedom when so many people in America disparage it.

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“I think that flying the American flag in Hong Kong is deeply problematic,” one student said after saying that Hong Kong should be granted independence.

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“We’ve always been portrayed as kind of this idealistic democratic society and it’s just not true,” another student said, after also expressing that Hong Kong should be able to establish a democracy. 

“Other countries view whatever we put out,” the student added. “The realities are why people are burning the flag.”

“History of slavery and oppression is something that still has implication today. You can’t really disentangle that from the flag and the country,” another student said.

What did the other students say? Watch the video above to find out.

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