VIDEO: Young Americans say Kamala Harris is an ‘inappropriate’ choice for VP given her law enforcement background

Given the rise of the BLM movement in recent weeks, Campus Reform asked young Americans prior to the announcement about Harris’ background in law enforcement.

Most who responded said choosing her would be "inappropriate."

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has chosen Sen. Kamala Harris to be his vice presidential running mate.

With the recent Black Lives Matter and anti-police protests that have spread across the country, Campus Reform asked young Americans and students about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

Campus Reform asked students prior to the announcement whether Biden should choose Harris given her background in law enforcement as both a prosecutor and former California attorney general. Most students said her selection would be “inappropriate.” 

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”No, I don’t think [it’s appropriate],” one individual said. “There’s so many other people he could use to his advantage.”

”It’s kind of inappropriate, the timing,” another added. 

”I would say we probably should not have Kamala Harris,” another individual said. 

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Campus Reform also asked if any current or former law enforcement official should be seeking leadership positions in society. 

The answers remained the same.

”Definitely not the time,” one individual said. “Completely inappropriate.” 

”I think it takes a lot of nerve for people to be doing that,” another said. “There’s so many other people in the world that have like different opinions and will make the world a so much better place.” 

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