VIDEO: Young voters can't remember last time they saw Biden on campaign trail

Campus Reform asked young voters about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s effort on the campaign trail.

The young voters also could not name any of Biden’s career accomplishments.

Almost all said they had not seen Biden campaigning in the last few months, with some even agreeing that Biden was “hiding.”

With just a few months until the November election, Campus Reform interviewed young voters about the campaign and asked if they had recently seen Joe Biden on the trail.

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“In the last few months, have you seen Joe Biden do a campaign event,” Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret asked.

“No and I think that’s one of his biggest flaws right now,” one voter said.

“Not really no,” another added. “I haven’t really seen anything from him. I’ve seen more from Donald Trump--more than I would like to see.”

“I don’t know honestly what Biden is doing,” another voter said.

Some even agreed Biden was hiding.

“A hundred percent,” one voter agreed.

“Yeah definitely, maybe [he’s] hoping that Donald Trump will self-destruct.”

A few voters said Biden’s apparent lack of effort on the campaign trail was concerning.

“It’s definitely a major concern that not enough people are hearing from him, especially if he’s trying to run for president,” one voter said.

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Neret later asked if voters could remember any accomplishments in Biden’s lengthy career, given that many couldn’t remember what Biden had done in the last few months.

Most voters could not name any accomplishments.

“No, nothing,” one voter said. “I mean him running for president.”

“The only thing right now when I think of Joe Biden is Obama’s VP, and that’s a problem because if you’re running for president, you need to step up and you need to do stuff,” one voter argued. “I don’t care if you’re 20, 30, or 80, you need to step up and start doing stuff.”

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