Virginia Tech professor compares Israel to extremist Islamic group ISIS

A Virginia Tech (VT) professor compared Israel to the extremist Islamic group ISIS, in a tweet on Tuesday.

English professor Steven Salaita likened America’s closest ally in the Middle East to the Sunni radical group, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), that is persecuting Christians and mandating strict Islamic regulations by force.

Salaita has a history of advocating against Israel. In addition to tweeting disparagingly about the country, he argued in a blog post on the website “Electronic Intifada” that the American Studies Association should adopt an academic boycott of “the colonial project of Zionism” due to “the indisputable evidence of academic complicity in Israel’s brutalization of Palestinians.”

The professor’s 2011 book, titled Israel’s Dead Soul, “explores the failures of Zionism as a political and ethical discourse”, according to a description by Temple University Press.

Salaita has also advocated for Americans to stop saying “support our troops” as he claims that it is the “most overused platitude in the United States” as “[s]upporting the troops is a cheerful surrogate for enabling the friendly dictators, secret operations, torture practices and spying programs that sustain this terrible economy.”

Via Truth Revolt.

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