WATCH: 5 Big Questions for Congressman Jim Jordan

Rep. Jordan is co-chair of the new Campus Free Speech Caucus, along with Rep. Kat Cammack.

Rep. Jim Jordan spoke with Campus Reform about the new Campus Free Speech Caucus, which he co-chairs with Rep. Kat Cammack. 

Jordan says the caucus will empower lawmakers and citizens alike to take a stand for free and open debate in higher education. Noting that “every single liberty we enjoy has been attacked,” he highlighted the urgency of protecting the First Amendment rights of young people and those who teach them. 

”We know America is great. Not perfect, but the greatest country ever [that has] done more good for more people around this planet than any other nation in history,” he said.

As for how to fix the issue of intolerance on campus, Jordan said, “You draw attention to it, and I think that will hep give more students the courage to speak out.”

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The Campus Free Speech Caucus was created “to educate other legislators about the clear bias against free speech on campuses and help bring national and local awareness to what is occurring in their districts and across the country daily,” according to a YAF press release

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