WATCH: 5 most-viewed Campus Reform videos of 2020

Campus Reform's YouTube channel amassed millions of views in 2020.

Here are Campus Reform’s most-viewed man on the street videos of the year.

Students Hate Trump SOTU Quotes… Until Hearing They’re From 2020 Dem Candidates

In February, ahead of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, Campus Reform read students at American University an “advance transcript” of Trump’s speech, which had not yet occurred. However, the transcript students were read was actually filled with a series of controversial quotes from the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. 

For instance, one quote was from Joe Biden in 2012 where he said, “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains,” which left students appalled at the “racist” sentiment.

Students slam Trump for profiting from presidency...then find out that was Obama

Campus Reform asked students at the University of Virginia if it is wrong for a president to use the office to personally profit, telling students that it was President Donald Trump who had done this. 

One student said, “It’s unethical for a president [to be able] to actually gain so much from his office and not do much for his country.” However, Campus Reform later revealed that it was former President Barack Obama who increased his net worth thirty-fold after moving into the White House, while President Donald Trump’s net worth while in office decreased.

Students Hate Kamala Quote...When They Think It’s Trump’sWhen Joe Biden announced that Kamala Harris would be his Vice-Presidential nominee, comments from Harris’s past resurfaced, in which she referred to 18-24-year-olds as “stupid.” 

Campus Reform asked students if they would vote for someone who said that. Most said they would not. Many students also guessed the comments were made by President Donald Trump. However, when they found out it was actually Harris, many said they were not surprised and slammed her track record on law enforcement issues.

Students want loan debt forgiveness...but do they support increased tuition to pay for it?

Campus Reform headed to the University of Tampa to ask students their thoughts on wiping out student loan debt. Many students said they felt this was a great idea. But when students were asked if they would be willing to pay higher tuition so that their peers would not have to pay, many students’ points of views began to change. 

“I have to make my own money, so like, if I make my money, like, I kind of want to keep my money that, like, I make and not have to, like, give it to my friends,” one young lady said.

Young Voters Love Trump’s COVID Plan...When Told It’s Biden’sIn August, Campus Reform asked young voters about President Donald Trump’s executive orders aimed at helping struggling Americans during the pandemic, including suspending student loan debt and cutting payroll taxes. 

Students loved the idea, but that is because Campus Reform originally told these young voters that it was actually Biden’s plan. When the young Americans learned it was actually Trump’s, they were surprised but admitted his actions were helping Americans.

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