WATCH: 'Abolish ICE' protesters bully DHS out of career fair

The Department of Homeland Security left a career fair after protesting students blocked access to its table.

The students expressed their desiere to "ABOLISH ICE" and linked arms to form a blockade in front of the table.

The Department of Homeland security was forced out of a job fair at Kent State University in Ohio this week when students upset about its presence bombarded their booth.

Video published by student newspaper Kentwired shows students blocking the DHS job fair booth and holding up flyers that read “ABOLISH ICE,” and “NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL.”

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The DHS representatives cleared their booth and left in light of the protesters’ presence and disruption. Upon its departure, the protesting students reportedly then covered the newly empty table with the flyers they were holding.

After being approached by a campus police officer, the group of protesters reportedly left.


“We want to get rid of any type of state law enforcement entity off of this campus that directly ties to our history; we have seen what happens when the university allows, for example, the National Guard to come on campus,” said president of Kent State Jewish Voice for Peace Sophia Gabbay.

”They are targeting racially minorities. They are working both legally and illegally to deport people who should not be deported. They are blatantly racist and they are not something that we as Kent student want to support,” one student told Kentwired.

”It should not allowed for Kent to sponsor such a blatantly violent racist organization. It should not be allowed that Kent sponsors anyone getting employment from them and we directly wanted to disrupt the economic benefits of them being at a job fair,” the student added.

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David North of the Center for Immigration Studies expressed a different opinion to Campus Reform.

”First, I am old enough to view any Kent State demonstration ending peacefully as a good thing,” North said.

”Secondly, I am experienced enough to know that law enforcement is an essential occupation and is a needed function in an imperfect world, so I do not welcome people protesting against the very existence of ICE. Are we to have no immigration enforcement? No borders? I do not think so.”

North added that ICE “should be a little more careful about where it mounts recruiting activity,” asking “Why visit wasps’ nests when you do not have to do so?”

”Our spring career fair offered Kent State students an opportunity to interact with about 150 employers offering internships and other opportunities to those who will soon be in the workforce. Kent State is committed to providing our students with employment opportunities that align with their interest and preparation,” Executive Director of University Media Relations Eric Mansfield told Campus Reform

”The career fair offers key connections that often lead to valuable experience and many times, employment offers. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has been a regular participant for several years connecting interested students with opportunities to work for the federal government,” Mansfield added.
Mansfield noted that while demonstrations and protests happen on campus, they “must be held in accordance with university policy” or the students will be subject to “appropriate measures.” He did not respond to questions regarding whether this instance falls within that category.

”Consistent with our core values, we encourage respectful discourse and freedom of expression in an inclusive environment,” said Mansfield.

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