WATCH: Angry White Men

On this week’s episode of Campus Countdown, Emily Sturge reports on an 'Angry White Male Studies' course at the University of Kansas.

On this week’s episode of Campus Countdown, Campus Reform Correspondent Emily Sturge speaks about a university’s history department that is offering an ‘Angry White Male Studies’ course.

The University of Kansas will be offering a course in Fall 2022 that will explore the supposed “prominent figure” that is “the angry white male.”

Kansas Congressman Ron Estes condemned the class, saying that the class “could pose a Title IX violation by creating a hostile campus environment based on gender.”

Also this week, Campus Reform Correspondent Nicholas Baughman joins the Countdown to discuss a university that spent over $200k on LGBTQ+ initiatives, including a ’gender-affirming closet’ and increased access to gender-affirming hormone therapy.

Sturge also discusses inflation and tuition hikes that make life unaffordable for many students, resulting in claims that students are becoming homeless.

Lastly, Sturge discusses a tweet from Senator Josh Hawley (MO), who was accused of being ‘transphobic’ by University of California, Berkeley Law Professor Khiara M. Bridges.

Hawley questioned Bridges’ phrasing of “people with a capacity for pregnancy,” asking her if that would be women, which prompted her accusation. 

Watch the episode above for full coverage. 

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