WATCH: This author details her new pro-life book

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha spoke with Emily Schneller about her new pro-life book.

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha spoke with Emily Schneller about her new book Misled: How the Pro-Abortion Message Deceives Young Americans.

Schneller told Campus Reform she was inspired to write the book to counter the pro-abortion mantra echoed on college campuses. She recalled a textbook, detailing the story of parents choosing to abort their child diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

”I just figured that as long as I was being exposed to [pro-abortion messages] in a textbook at a really small school, then I’m sure there are others across the country that are having similar experiences,” Schneller said.

She then began interviewing students across the country about how their college campuses discuss abortion in the classroom. What she found was an “overall acceptance” of abortion.

”It’s so common for professors to promote [abortion] in class, or have Planned Parenthood stickers on their doors or in their windows,” she explained. 

With a lack of pro-life arguments in the classroom, Schneller alleged that students are not educated about abortion.

The book is available on Amazon and serves as a resource to help students navigate the “distorted” messages they hear on campus.

Watch the full interview above.