WATCH: Biden's Title IX reform strips women athletes of 'limited opportunities'

Campus Reform Correspondent Claire Natoli joined other female athletes on Fox & Friends to discuss Biden's plan to reform Title IX and protect biological male athletes in women's sports.

Campus Reform’s Claire Natoli joined two other women athletes, NCAA swim champion Marshi Smith and former U.S. women’s rowing team member Pat Spratlen Etem, on Fox & Friends to discuss women’s sports and Title IX.

President Biden announced in June 2022 that he was initiating changes to Title IX that would classify gender identity as a protected class. That means that biological men can compete against women in college sports.

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While she was in middle school, Natoli enlisted her mother’s help to start a JV lacrosse team. The high schools did not offer lacrosse, which she says “was a limited opportunity.”

“There’s already these limited opportunities,” Natoli said, “and to allow men into our spaces and take those opportunities from us is just diminishing what we already don’t have a lot of.”

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According to Spratlen Etem, there are “upwards of 229,000 female intercollegiate athletes.” At stake for these athletes are financial support, leadership opportunities, and “learning the skills of competitive excellence.”

Watch the full video above.