WATCH: Campuses idealize Marxists

Campus Reform Correspondent Emily Sturge appeared on Real America's Voice to discuss a Che Guevara mural at Syracuse University, as well as other similar tributes found at other colleges.

Campus Reform Correspondent Emily Sturge recently discussed a controversial mural at Syracuse University on Real America’s Voice. The mural, located in a high-traffic area of the Goldstein Student Center, features Che Guevara, a Cuban Marxist revolutionary, alongside figures like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. Sturge criticized the mural for glorifying Guevara, who she noted was a mass murderer, arguing that it reflects a troubling trend in higher education to idealize leftist ideologies.

Sturge emphasized that the mural overlooks the devastating impact of communism, responsible for over 100 million deaths in the last century. She accused the university administration of pushing a left-wing agenda without considering the experiences of students who have fled socialist countries.

Sturge concluded by calling for more balanced perspectives in higher education. She argued that colleges are failing to teach critical thinking by focusing solely on leftist viewpoints, and urged for the inclusion of pro-freedom and conservative voices on campuses to foster well-rounded critical thinking skills.