WATCH: Colleges ‘openly, blatantly disrespect Christian beliefs’

Campus Reform Correspondent Haika Mrema appeared on Real America’s Voice to discuss topless nun drag shows, musicals parodying Jesus, and other cases of anti-Christian bias.

Campus Reform Correspondent and Baylor University student Haika Mrema appeared on Real America’s Voice to discuss colleges and universities that “mock Christianity.” 

Host Steve Gruber asked Mrema about recent reports from Campus ReformIn their football game against Brigham Young University (BYU), the Stanford band performed a mock same-sex marriage ceremony during the halftime show. In a similar case, a Harvard musical depicted Jesus and Judas as a couple with a casting call saying that Jesus “was having ‘his gay awakening.’”

Mrema said that university administrators are “doing nothing to stop” their campuses as they “disrespect Christian beliefs and values.” The same administrators are “posting statements that say that they are accepting and tolerant of all religious beliefs.” 

“It’s evident that that’s not true when it comes to Christianity,” Mrema said. 

Mrema told Real America’s Voice that “Christianity in general is being persecuted all across the nation.” One report from Campus Reform shared that a university hospital fired a Christian physician’s assistant because she doesn’t support gender transitions and uses preferred pronouns.

When asked what Christians can do to establish “basic respect,” Mrema said that Christians should continue to “push back,” reporting on instances of anti-Christian bias so that they can “openly express” their beliefs. 

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