WATCH: Colleges will do whatever it takes to protect the 'holy grail' of diversity after SCOTUS ruling, says Rep. Dr. Virginia Foxx

Dr. Foxx stated that she thinks universities are going to follow Harvard's approach.

Campus Reform interviewed Representative Dr. Virginia Foxx about the Supreme Court's rulings on affirmative action and student loan debt.

On July 14, Campus Reform Student Reporter William Biagini was joined by Committee on Education and the Workforce Chairwoman Dr. Virginia Foxx for an interview about the Supreme Court’s recent rulings against affirmative action in college admissions and President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan

Regarding an example at Harvard University in which the school reaffirmed its commitment to admitting a diverse student body, Biagini asked Dr. Foxx how she thinks other colleges will react. 

She answered that she thinks other universities will follow Harvard’s example. Dr. Foxx also stated that while universities might nominally follow the law, they will “try to get around it to get a diverse student body as though that is the holy grail.” 

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She further explained that “They’ve [colleges] made diversityracial diversity—a holy grail.”

Biagini then referenced a Politico interview in which Dr. Foxx said she has no doubt that the Democrats will look for other ways to cancel student debt. “How do you think that President Biden and the Democrats will approach it?” he asked. 

”They will do it by fiat—meaning by rules and regulations,” she responded. “They believe they’re the smartest people in the world, they believe that this is there right to do this.” 

”What they’ll do is they’ll put in rules that will do anything possible to have students pay back as small amount as possible, and for some of them, nothing. But this is totally unfair to the American taxpayer,” Dr. Foxx added. “Only 13 percent of people in this country owe debt on their college degrees.” 

”What do you think of Secretary [Miguel] Cardona’s leadership? Do you think he and the Department of Education are doing their job at all?” Biagini also asked. 

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Dr. Foxx responded that while Cardona has a very diverse background, she thinks he could have been a “really great secretary of education,” she believes that he is surrounded by “the most radical people that the Biden Administration could have put into the department.” 

Watch the full interview on YouTube. 

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