WATCH: COVID mandates in effect at over 100 universities, Rutgers correspondent weighs in

Campus Reform Correspondent Jeremy Li, a student at Rutgers University, joined Fox and Friends to discuss his school's ongoing COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

In a recent appearance on “Fox and Friends,” Campus Reform Correspondent Jeremy Li, a junior at Rutgers University, discussed the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine mandates at over 100 universities, including Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and his own institution, Rutgers University.

Interviewed alongside University of Pittsburgh student Lily Orozco, Li expressed his concerns over the mandates. He argued that while he believes in the effectiveness of the vaccine and has received it himself, he disagrees with the mandate, stating that it feels like the universities are “appeasing leftists on campus” rather than following data and science. 

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Li highlighted that the mandate seems to ignore the fact that the global emergency is not as severe as expected. He also mentioned that some of his friends at Rutgers have had trouble getting religious or personal exemptions from the vaccine mandate.

The interview also touched on President Biden’s May announcement that the federal COVID-19 public health emergency has ended. Despite this, many universities are maintaining their vaccine mandates. Li pointed out that even large institutions in densely populated cities, like Columbia University, are rolling back COVID-19 restrictions, as reported by Campus Reform.