WATCH: Demonstrators react outside SCOTUS after affirmative action ruling

'These Asian people benefit from the struggle of Black people.'

Campus Reform reporter William Biagini interviewed demonstrators outside the United States Supreme Court on Thursday after the announcement of the court’s ruling against race-based admissions to American colleges and universities.

Supporters and detractors of the decision rallied outside the court. 

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”We have all come from nations in which we have overcome oppression, racism, and systemic, discrimination,” an Asian-American supporter of the decision told Biagini. “This right here is the image of what we face in institutions Across America, pointing to a display from the opposing side. ”They’re drowning us out– the sign says “fuck racism,” but they don’t care about the racism against Asian Americans. It talks about ‘don’t tread on me,’ but it doesn’t mean Asian Americans. We don’t matter. In so many of these civil rights struggles, they try to drown us out.”

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Another woman, who took issue with the supporter’s characterization of the Asian-American experience, told Biagini that “These Asian people benefit from the struggle of Black people.”

The 6-3 decision against affirmative action in college admissions came as the result of two cases introduced by Students for Fair Admissions, who claimed that the race-based admissions practices of both Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill discriminate against Asian-American applicants.