WATCH: Event tells students to 'Send Noods'

On this week’s episode of the Campus Countdown, Campus Reform Correspondent Abigail Streetman speaks about a University of Hawaii at Manoa event called 'Send Noods.'

On this week’s episode of the Campus Countdown, Campus Reform Correspondent Abigail Streetman speaks about a University of Hawaii at Manoa event called “Send Noods.” 

On Apr. 22, the University of Hawaii at Mano’s National Residency Hall Honorary hosted “a safe sex program” that featured “condom bingo” and “safe sex education programs.” 

The “send noods” event presentation was hosted by Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies lecturer Lisa Vallin.

“Though teachings about contraception certainly run the risk of enforcing heteronormativity, I think it is important to stress that the use of, particularly hormonal contraception, is used for many other important purposes than preventing possible pregnancy,” Vallin told to Campus Reform.

Vallin also said that “[m]any LGBTQI+ folks use hormonal contraception to treat a number of health conditions that are unrelated to pregnancy.”

A photo obtained by Campus Reform shows goody bags at the event, which contained condoms, packets of lubricant, and strawberry-flavored dental dams.

Additionally, Campus Reform Correspondent Katie Jefferson joined the Countdown to discuss a discrimination complaint that was filed against Central Michigan University

Streetman also discusses how MBA programs across the country are training woke American business leaders. 

Watch the episode above for full coverage of all of these stories. 

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