WATCH: Exposing liberal bias through the eyes of a student

Robert Schmad is a Senior Georgia Campus Correspondent for Campus Reform and a junior at Emory University.

Schmad describes his role in exposing liberal bias on campus.

Campus Reform Senior Georgia Campus Correspondent Robert Schmad spoke with Reporter Alexa Schwerha about his experience in conservative media. 

Schmad has covered numerous stories for Campus Reform on and off his campus at Emory University.

In addition to his writing, Schmad also serves as Editor in Chief of the Emory Whig, a student-led campus newspaper. 

With this, Schmad discusses his experience navigating the student publication field, and explained why it is necessary to establish a platform that upholds the value of freedom of press.

”I really felt it necessary to create an independent where students could voice their opinions,” Schmad explained.

Schmad has been writing for Campus Reform for nearly two years and hopes to encourage other student journalists to be unafraid and pursue honest reporting.

”I think people in the journalism sphere, as odd as it may sound, really do value honesty,” he said.

Click on the video to hear more about Schmad’s experience exposing liberal bias on college campuses, and his work within conservative media.

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