WATCH: ‘Fascists are not welcome on this campus!’: Student attacks TPUSA table

Leadership Institute's Monika Konrad captured the incident on camera.

A TPUSA field representative said he thought the student's reaction was the result of 'strong indoctrination' on campus.

On Friday, one Michigan Technological University student was caught on video flipping a Turning Point USA club table during an organization fair and shouting “fascists are not welcome on this campus.”

Leadership Institute Field Coordinator Monika Konrad captured the chaos on video, and told Campus Reform the student “pretended” to be interested in joining the club before the incident took place. She added that security detained the student and barred him from the fair. 

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Campus Reform spoke to Chris Howse, the Rapids Territory TPUSA field representative who also testified that security removed the student from the event. Howse said he declined to press any charges, referring to an altercation that happened off camera before the table flip. 

Howse added that he believes the student is a product of “strong indoctrination” that happens on college campuses.

“This kid had no knowledge of us being potentially verbally aggressive or intolerant of other views. He simply saw the viewpoints on our materials and decided we were so heinous that our property rights should be violated, and our views should not be allowed to exist at Michigan Tech,” he said. “It takes some strong indoctrination to convince this kid and others that we are the fascists when they are trying to forcibly suppress viewpoints that don’t agree with theirs.”

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MTU’s communications director Stefanie Sidortsova told Campus Reform they are aware of the incident, but would not specify if the particular case is currently under investigation.

“Michigan Technological University is aware of the incident that took place on Friday afternoon involving students attending the University’s annual student organization fair, known as K-Day,” Sidortsova said. 

She continued, “Public Safety and Police Services responded immediately to reports of the incident. All reported activities that potentially violate our Student Code of Community Conduct are referred to our Office of Academic and Community Conduct for confidential investigation and resolution.”

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