WATCH: Florida student denied access to campus mental health resources for being white

On the first episode of the new and improved Campus Countdown, Campus Reform Correspondent Sophie Salmon interviews Cece O’Leary, director of Southeastern Legal Foundsation’s 1A Project. O’Leary leads the project in its effort to uphold and enforce the first amendment in universities across the country. 

Salmon also highlights a campus anomaly: a California college with more conservative student crganizations then liberal ones. Don’t be fooled– the bias still runs deep at California State University, Fresno.

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Campus Reform Correspondent Emily Sturge reports the top three stories of the week, including Texas A&M University banning diversity statements from its admission and hiring processes. This is part of an ongoing push against DEI programs in American universities.

Sturge also covers the story of a University of South Florida student who was denied access to mental health resources because the color of his skin happened to be white. He was told that he was unwelcome because the time was reserved for black and indigenous students, and was encouraged to come back the following semester.

Check out the full video above for more, including the Woke Tweet of the Week, from a professor who openly celebrates how “they really pay me to politicize young people, and I’d have it no other way.”