WATCH: Florida universities under-reporting DEI spending

Campus Reform Correspondent Emily Sturge reports on professors breaking silence about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), LSAT requirements, and Florida universities accused of under-reporting DEI spending.

On this week’s episode of Campus Countdown, Campus Reform Correspondent Emily Sturge reports on professors breaking silence about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), LSAT requirements, and accusations that Florida universities under-reporting DEI spending. 

First, Sturge discusses dozens of American professors signing a letter asking universities to break their silence on CCP human rights violations.

The letter exposes ties between U.S. higher education institutes and the CCP, citing that universities are silent about the CCP due to fear of losing funding. 

Following that discussion, Campus Reform Senior Correspondent Alexia Bianchi joined the program to discuss the American Bar Association (ABA) voting to uphold LSAT requirements.

Bianchi is happy that the ABA upheld the LSAT, arguing that getting rid of it would have promoted “laziness.” 

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Sturge also discusses the DeSantis administration’s claim that Florida’s public universities did not accurately report diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and critical race theory (CRT) spending.

Campus Reform has covered the DEI spending spree in Florida extensively, unveiling $15 million in taxpayer funds spent on DEI initiatives.  

Wrapping up this week’s episode, Sturge discusses the “Tweet of the Week,” which concerned millions in Florida taxpayer funds being spent on diversity and inclusion initiatives at the state’s public universities. 

For example, $1.1 million per year spent on the “Diversity and Inclusion Office” at the University of South Florida and $1.8 million per year on the “Center for Environmental Equity and Justice” at Florida A&M University.

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