WATCH: How Gen Z can get involved in the conservative movement

Alexa Schwerha spoke with internet activists The Patriot Sisters about the role Generation Z plays in the conservative movement.

Campus Reform reporter Alexa Schwerha spoke with conservative influencers Isabella and Christiana, known as The Patriot Sisters,  about how Generation Z can find their voice in the conservative movement.

Alexa met up with the duo at Turning Point USA’s 2022 Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida. 

The Patriot Sisters started their conservative-based social media accounts in June 2020 and since have accumulated millions of followers. The pair began their platform because they both had a passion for “speaking into truth.”

According to the sisters, Gen Z needs to be engaged in politics as the generation is next to “take that torch” and will soon be crossing life milestones to become young adults. To them, being involved can be as simple as sharing a social media post.

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“We’re not asking you to lay down your life, that’s what our great-grandparents did in World War II,” Christiana said. “They were willing to leave everything, we’re just asking ‘hey, can you share a social media post, can you create conversation?’ We’re not asking a huge ask but it’s going to create a huge ripple in the long run.”

The pair have received their share of negative comments since launching their online platform- even to the point of being canceled online. However, they encourage young Americans to be vocal about their values.

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“When you’re willing to rise up, stand tall, and fight back with truth, it’s going to create confrontation,” said Christiana. “But in this society, in our culture, we need a little bit of ruffling of the feathers in order to get to where we need to be.”

To inspire students to rise up in the movement, Isabella encouraged building a “solid foundation” of beliefs and finding mentors with similar values.

“Find someone that’s doing what you want to do, connect with them, and simply model yourself after them,” she said.

Watch the full video above.

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