WATCH: Gen Z conservatives react to youth vote in 2022 midterms

Campus Reform correspondents Kale Ogunbor and Melissa Da Gama joined Fox and Friends to discuss the Midterm elections.

Campus Reform correspondents Kale Ogunbor and Melissa Da Gama joined Fox and Friends to discuss the Midterm elections.

Turnout for the 2022 midterm election cycle showed generation z coming out in support of Democratic candidates in large numbers. 

Ogunbor explained her generation gets their information from “social media.”

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“As a gen-zer myself I can easily say that most of my generation gets our information from social media,” she stated. “Not as much cable news, not as much newspapers, not as that many major publications, but a lot of people giving their random opinions on the internet like Twitter.”

Ogunbor further explained that “those institutions lean very left” and that the results of the elections did not surprise her.

Da Gama pointed out that colleges have played a significant role in swinging the mindsets of young voters from right to left.

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“[T]he Republican party has been labeled a certain way, they’ve been labeled fascists, transphobic, sexist, racist, and all these labels have worked against us,” Da Gama said. “I think identity politics has played a huge factor in how the gen z demographic has voted in the midterm 2022 elections, and I also think that college campuses have a big part and are extremely influential in how young voters think.”

Da Gama also mentioned that the “ignorance” of Gen Z voters makes them more likely to see politicians as celebrities despite their bad policies. 

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