WATCH: George Washington asks students about 'offensive' Halloween costumes

Students overwhelmingly insisted on being "culturally sensitive" and "politically correct".

As cries of cultural appropriation permeate academia over Halloween costumes, Campus Reform’s Addison Smith (otherwise known as George Washington), went to George Washington University to see if this accusation was echoed among students. 

Students overwhelmingly insisted on being “culturally sensitive” and “politically correct”.

”Yeah, definitely. I believe that cultural appropriation is a thing, so don’t do it”, one student said. Another insisted that halloween costumes are a form of “freedom of speech” often used with the intent to “offend somebody else”.

”People’s culture is not a costume”, another iterated.

Smith then posed to students the idea that anyone can pick something offensive about any costume. One pair of students mentioned going as a fit Barbie and Ken, and Smith alleged that people could accuse them of ableism and be offended by it.

Watch the full video above to see how they respond.

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