WATCH: Germanotta details NYCs deterioration as city scrambles to house illegals in dorms, schools

Accompanied by pictures, Joe Germanotta’s account explains how migrants in college dorms disrupt the surrounding neighborhood.

After Mayor Eric Adams announced that New York City college dormitories would be used to house illegal immigrants, internet entrepreneur Joe Germanotta appeared on Fox News’ “America Reports” to offer insight into the impact that New York City’s housing migrants in college dormitories and local schools have had on communities.

Very little notice was given that migrants would be housed in college dorms, Germanotta testified.

According to a Siena College Research Institute report, 54% of New Yorkers oppose using dorms at the State University of New York to house migrants.

Fox News displayed a series of images taken by Germanotta showing motorbikes fit into narrow spaces between parked cars, pack-laden clusters of people, and a planter outside of The School of the Blessed Sacrament, a private Catholic elementary school, cluttered with liquor bottles and used hypodermic needles.

“There’s a camp [at that school],” Germanotta said. “A summer camp.”

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In response to accumulating filth, Germanotta submitted a letter to New York City leadership describing the streetside scenes and comparing it to the “previous quiet environment in a highly desirable [upper west side] residential neighborhood.”

“As I understand it,” Germanotta said, “they will be cycled in every three weeks.”

“One potential solution,” Germanotta offered, “is just suspend the sanctuary status for a while until we…build the housing that we need.”

Watch the full video here.