WATCH: GIORDANO: ‘Race-based admissions is insulting’ to minorities

Nicholas Giordano argues against affirmative action as ‘insulting’ and explains why a return to traditional principles of education should be the new focus.

Following the Supreme Court decision ruling affirmative action unconstitutional, Campus Reform Higher Education Fellow Nicholas Giordano appeared with Neil Cavuto on Fox News and discussed why the practice of race-based admissions sustains a crippled education system.

“We have to understand that race-based admissions is insulting,” Giordano said, “because it insinuates that minorities can’t compete with their counterparts.”

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To illustrate, he said, “Fifty percent of my own students are minorities and they perform just as well as [their] white and Asian counterparts.”

“We need to stop the racism of low expections,” he said, “because that’s what these race-based initiatives do.”

Instead, Giordano recommended, colleges should return to academics of merit, else a focus on race will “diminish the value of a college education.”

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As colleges like Harvard commit themselves to “backdoor” policies to skirt the SCOTUS’ ruling, it begs the question, as Cavuto posited: How can the Supreme Court enforce its decision?

If colleges unduly continue to overlook qualified students in favor of minorities, then Giordano said, “We will see students bring more lawsuits.”