WATCH: GMU students want Glenn Youngkin off campus but can't say why

One student cites concerns about Youngkin's supposed plans to "get rid" of the LGBT community.

Students at George Mason University are up in arms over the fact that Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is set to be the school’s commencement speaker this year. A student led-initiative to get him disinvited has garnered over 6,000 signatures on a petition to cancel his engagement. 

Campus Reform Video Editor Nick Clavi went to GMU to ask students why they are opposed to their own governor speaking at the university. Many could not provide a reason.

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One student cites concerns about Youngkin’s supposed plans to “get rid” of the LGBT community. When Clavi asks what actions the governor had taken in pursuit of the goal, the student admitted, “I know he hasn’t done anything yet,” adding, “but I know he is trying to.”

Another student suggests that Republican politicians in general should be barred from such speaking engagements, saying “Members of the Republican party are just not people I feel comfortable with.”

Another cites the fact that college is “supposed to be a journey,” suggesting that, for this reason, students should make an effort to prevent Youngkin’s speech if doing so would make their fellow students feel more comfortable. 

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