WATCH: Guess that flag– Americans can't keep up with expanding LGBTQIA+ categories

Contributor Jacob Falach interviews several individuals for their take on Pride flags in K–12 schools.

Not only are Americans unable to keep pace with the multiplication of leftist gender and sexuality categories, discovered Campus Reform Contributor Jacob Falach, but they also reject the idea that gender and sexuality should be taught to young children.

Falach recently took to the streets of Nashville, Tennessee, where he quizzed passersby on the identification of several Pride flags found on the Human Rights Campaign website. 

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Two respondents guessed that the “polyamory” Pride flag, pictured below, had something to do with a type of sexuality associated with math. Falach explained that polyamory is the practice of keeping multiple open relationships at a time, with all parties’ knowledge and consent.

The LGBTQ+ community has made headlines recently as school boards across the United States struggle to protect children from ideological displays like Pride flags being erected in K–12 classrooms.

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In Baltimore, Maryland., the Anne Arundel County School Board is currently considering limiting the use of flags at all, aside from the American and Maryland flags, on school grounds unless for a bona fide educational purpose.

“Do you think children should be learning about things like polyamory and demisexuality?” Falach asked. “Or do you think that should be left for adults?”

“Being a teacher myself,” one woman said, “this has nothing to do with our educational standards. It’s pushing an agenda on the children, and sexuality needs to be taught by their parents and not their teachers.”