WATCH: 'Heartbreaking'– Court rules school can charge out-of-state students more than illegal immigrants

Emily Fowler discusses the injustice committed against out-of-state American citizens who pay tuition fees while illegals pay nothing extra.

Campus Reform Correspondent Emily Fowler recently appeared with Steve Gruber on America’s Voice Live to discuss how a recent Texas ruling undercuts lawful out-of-state citizens by providing cheaper, in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.

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At the University of North Texas, as Campus Reform recently reported, out-of-state citizen residents pay roughly $12,000 more in annual tuition than illegals who reside in the state. The Young Conservatives of Texas sued the school, saying the policy discriminated against Americans by offering benefits to illegals not offered to all citizens.

The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently reversed the Texas Eastern District Court’s decision original decision in favor of the plaintiffs, ultimately affirming the legality of the tuition difference.

“It’s really kind of heartbreaking for these students,” Fowler said, “who have planned to go to this university and are willing to pay this extra fee, but then they’re looking at someone who is an illegal resident … and they’re getting a better deal, even though they’re breaking the law.”

“There [are] universities all over the nation that are doing this.”

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Fowler testified that she originally considered applying to the University of North Texas, but she wanted to avoid the out-of-state tuition fee. “I thought … ‘Not the school for me,’” she said.

“It looks like what I should have done is … bought a plane ticket to Mexico, walked over the border, and then identified as an illegal immigrant. … I would have gotten $12,000 off my student bill.”