WATCH: Hispanics don't use 'Latinx'

Campus Reform Correspondent Noelle Fitchett joined Hot Take host Kate Hirzel to discuss her recent video asking students about the term Latinx.

Campus Reform Correspondent Noelle Fitchett joined Campus Reform Correspondent Director and Hot Take host Kate Hirzel to discuss her recent video where she asked students about the term, Latinx.

“I asked them [students] if they had ever met a Latino or a Hispanic that used that term [Latinx] and no one had met a Hispanic person who has used that term before.”

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Fitchett is a first-generation graduate student at Texas A&M University. She graduated from California State University Fullerton in 2022. She films several videos for Campus Reform asking students about their opinions on trending issues.

“I had never heard anyone I grew up around use the term Latinx. The first time I had heard that term was at my university.” Fitchett said.

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“My alma mater Cal State Fullerton posted this week on LinkedIn how ‘What does Latinx mean to you’ and everyone, there was not one positive comment on that LinkedIn post. Everyone who had a Spanish last name commented saying, ‘Don’t call me latinx.’ ‘That’s performative.’ ‘That’s offensive.’”

After explaining to students that Hispanics don’t use the term Latinx, Fitchett said that students pushed back and said they would continue using it.

Watch the full interview above.