WATCH: Hot Take: Masks reinstated at university

Rutgers student Malik Salem joined Campus Reform Correspondent Director and Hot Take host Kate Hirzel to discuss the everchanging Covid-19 rules at his university.

Rutgers University (RU) announced on Oct. 1st it would lift its mask mandate on campus.

University faculty unions appealed for masks to be reinstated in university libraries. Despite this, RU announced on Oct. 21st that there is no longer a mask mandate. 

RU student Malik Salem joined Correspondent Director and Hot Take host Kate Hirzel to discuss the everchanging rules at his university.

“The end of the September Rutgers administration finally lifted the mandate in those settings [library and classrooms]. Shortly afterward a coalition of three teacher’s unions filed an injunction with the PERC [New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission],” he said.

“The PERC also filed an injunction to also restore the mask mandate to libraries and give teachers individual discretion to enforce mask mandates in classrooms,” Salem continued.

When asked about students’ reactions to the mask mandate being switched back and forth, Salem said, “It was mostly just sort of confusion and kind [of] disappointment from the student body.”

Salem has been frustrated with his school’s COVID policies. He hopes they will scale back vaccination requirements imposed on students as well.

Watch the full interview above.