WATCH: Inflation Hits Americans' July 4 Celebrations

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha spoke with young Americans in Georgetown about how inflation will impact their Fourth of July weekend.

Americans planning to celebrate the Fourth of July this holiday weekend should prepare to pay more for their cookouts.

Campus Reform reporter Alexa Schwerha recently asked young Americans in Georgetown how their holiday weekend will be impacted. 

“I think everyone will have to start cutting costs and try to eat less,” one woman said.

Last year, the Biden administration bragged that Americans would save $0.16 for holiday cookouts. This year, however, Fourth of July cookouts are expected to be nearly $70 more expensive, a reported 17% increase from 2021. 

Hamburgers, cheese, and bacon are among the food staples that have risen in cost. 

“The Fourth of July is only one day,” another respondent said. “Inflation… is affecting people… everyday, not just for Fourth of July.”

Consensus that people will be impacted by inflation following the weekend is growing. 

One woman  admitted to Campus Reform that she was forced to sell her car because she could not afford …gas, while another person claimed Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and another respondent called groceries a “luxury.”

Despite these testimonies, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Piere stated that“The American people are well positioned to face these challenges because of the economic historic gains that we have made under Biden.”

This statement fell on deaf ears to many respondents, with one saying she didn’t agree with the press secretary’s statement, commenting, “I get paid minimum wage which is… $16 [an hour], and even with that, I wouldn’t say that it’s easy to combat the increases.”

Watch the full video above.

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