WATCH: 'It's whatever': Watch students try to figure out 'what is a woman?'

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha asked students at Georgia Tech is they could answer Matt Walsh's infamous question, "What is a Woman?"

Campus Reform Reporter Alexa Schwerha went to Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) hours before Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh was slated to address a packed room to ask students Walsh’s infamous question, “What is a Woman?”

Students overwhelmingly favored subjective standards such as personality traits or femininity, as opposed to biology.

”I feel like that’s a very personal question,” one student responded. “I feel like it depends on the person.”

She continued, “As soon as you’re born a woman, you just have to love other women since you guys are all in the same boat.”

However, when asked whether or not judging women by traits like personality or style was sexist, students consistently agreed. Regardless, students were reluctant to back peddle their stance.

”It’s whatever the person defines themself as because there is no set standard because nobody is the same as another person,” another student said. “There’s a whole bunch of different ways you can define a woman.”

Campus Reform has reported on the various opportunities provided exclusively to women, but are now under attack as the definition of “woman” becomes an umbrella term.

According to Campus Reform reporting, approximately 84% of colleges reserved only for women enrollment now open their doors to biological men under the guise of inclusivity. 

Scholarships reserved for women, as well, are relaxing their requirements to make biological men eligible for the awards. 

Nonetheless, students argued that including transgender women did not take away opportunities from biological women.

”I think that those systems should decide, you know, what they define a woman to be, and then if you meet those qualifications, then that’s the space for you,” said a student.

Watch the full video above.

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