WATCH: Leftist students continue to demand FSU faculty stand against Desantis

FSU students participated in a recent march demanding that university faculty refuse to accept Desantis’ education policies

Campus Reform obtained video footage of the event.

Leftist student organization Students for a Democratic Society at Florida State University (FSU SDS) rallied in support of diversity programs and demanded that university faculty “take action” against Fla. Gov. Ron Desantis. 

FSU SDS announced the protest via Instagram on Apr. 26 claiming “FSU admin has been completely silent on HB999. SDS has attempted to meet with [FSU] President McCullough and the Board of Trustees several times - we have been ignored every time.” 

The announcement calls students to action stating  that “Join us to demand McCullough makes a statement and commits to protecting our education!” 

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Campus Reform obtained video footage of the rally where protesting students chanted “FSU admin take a stand! Oppose education bans!” and “Increase black enrollment! When do we want it? Now!” 

One speaker prefaced her speech with “F**k Ron Desantis”—which was subsequently echoed by the crowd. 

She stated that “Desantis’ bill claims to make things more fair and free, but the only freedom it gives is to the richest and most powerful state officials who get to have almost total control over what is allowed to be taught on college campuses.” (Video 3)

The rally comes as Florida HB 999 continues to advance through the Florida legislature. The bill aims to crack down on universities expending state and federal funds on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) programs. 

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According to an analysis by the Florida House of Representatives, FSU spent over $2.4 million on DEI-related initiatives last year—92% of which was state-funded. 

Other universities spent millions on DEI programs last year as well. According to the same analysis, the University of Florida (UF) used over $3.3 million of state funds to increase the presence of DEI on campus. 

Campus Reform previously reported that Florida public universities spent a total of $15 million in taxpayer dollars on DEI and Critical Race Theory (CRT) initiatives.  

If enacted, HB 999 will go into effect on July 9. 

Campus Reform contacted every university, organization, and individual mentioned. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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